Frequently Asked Questions

What does the student need to start the class?

All students need to wear their hair up and off their face. Students are also required to have appropriate dance clothing and shoes for required class. Creative Ballet and Ballet students need to wear a leotard, tights and ballet shoes. Skirts are optional. Jazz, Hip Hop, Yoga and Workshops students can wear leotard, tights and appropriate shoes for class. Loose fitting clothing such as sweat pants, jazz pants and shirts are acceptable. Jeans, clothing that stops the student from moving or is too baggy are not acceptable.

Where can I buy dance clothes and dance shoes?

There are many places online to shop for dance attire:

• Dance Distributors

• Amazon

• Discount Dance

All department stores such as Kohl's, WalMart and Target have dance clothing and leotards.

When can a student join the class?

Students can join any time and will be pro-rated for the first month. Class sessions run spring, summer and fall. We recommend that you try and join at the start of a session so that your child will be able to participate in seasonal parent observations and recitals.

If my student repeats a class, will he/she still be learning new things?

Classes are based on student's abilities by level and age. Many students stay in the same class for two or three years. Class lessons vary and teach students how to master their dance technique and training. Students always learn new things in class. Consult with an instructor to receive a recommendation on what level to place your child and when to advance to a new level.

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